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Looks like you've ended up here through the magic of a special ornament. Lucky you!


This year has put many of us, perhaps unknowingly, through a lot. But through it all, we are lucky to have you in our lives. Just like your ornaments: each of them on their own might not make sense but put them together and it's a beautiful poem. This video celebrates the hope we have for you and the hope you bring us and the world just by you being in it.

Each ornament was handmade for you. It was wood burned first by Jorge and then Lauren added the calligraphy to the back. Poem by .Pd. Is Here and the song is 'The Secret of Christmas' by Nordfyns Percussion

Happy holidays! - Jorge & Lauren

Hope Was Hoping
That Hopefully
It would be
Able to Fulfil
The Hopes Of
The Many Hopeful
Humans But
Hope Is What Still keeps
The Hope Going.

.Pd. is here

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